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Dedicated to the documentation and preservation of Georgia's R&B, soul and funk music history. 

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The Georgia Soul web page began in 2003, and has since grown exponentially with the shared collected knowledge of many record collectors and soul music fans, who deserve to be recognized and thanked. Without their help, I would certainly not have a lot of information which you will be able to see on this web site. Listed below are the music fans who have shared their knowledge for the benefit of all.

Presently, the web site is in an archival state and is no longer available to the public. Our research, however, continues. Please send any inquiries or comments to us via email.

Special thanks to the following people for their help and contributions over the years: Ralph Barton, Andy Dyson, Haim Kenig, Tim Lawrence, Jeff Lemlich, Wendell Parker, Brian Phillips, Jason Stirland, Bill Wolfe, Kurt Wood, John Ridley, Marc Forrest, Dante Carfagna, Takeo Tamaki, Terry Gordon, Jason Perlmutter, Davie Gordon, David Flynn, Christian Broedsjoe, Ady Croasdell, Rob Sevier, Matt Weingarden, Russell Paine, Greg Germani, Peter Hoogers, Michael Sharritt, Rudy Powell, Jeff Beckman, Adam Leaver, Hal Lamar.

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